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"Brian Zuck has been my Personal Trainer for seven years. His knowledge, expertise and personality make working out productive and enjoyable. I look forward to continue working with him to keep my body and mind active and healthy."

~Paula Levine, client since 2000

"I'm one of Brian's original clients--I've been with him almost since the beginning, when he founded Zuck Personal Training. Knowing he is coming twice a week gets me downstairs to my exercise room...and even motivates me to get on my treadmill when he leaves. I'm one of the lazy/too busy clients (take your pick!) who won't go to a gym and would still be in bed if he weren't knocking on my door at 8 a.m.

Brian is always thinking of new ways to torture me, using bands, balls, and weights to keep me "out of my comfort zone," as he says. I wish he'd stop going to those yearly conferences to learn new exercises and techniques to introduce into our workout sessions. I keep telling him that boring repetition is fine, but he won't hear of it. I also wish he weren't so darn cheerful so early in the morning! But without him I'd probably be a couch potato. I may not be his best walking advertisement, but I'm consistent--and I really appreciate his reliability, motivation, and dedication all these years."

~Adele Igersheim, client since 1995

I want to tell you about my experience with Tatyana. When I started to work with Tatyana I intended to do so for a few months and then continue on my own. Our association is now in its ninth year! At the beginning, I didn't know how outstanding she was, because I had nothing with which to compare it. I no
longer have lower back pain; and a problem shoulder that developed over the years is now useable. When I don't do the workouts, I quickly learn just how important the "therapy" sessions are. Her manner is subtle, there is variety (no boredom!), and the change in my muscle strength and flexibility is unbelievable.

Tatyana directs her yoga class in the same manner -- subtle, variable, with excellent results. Her students love her. Her intelligence and understanding of people shines through.

~Elaine Schwartzbach, client since 1998

I have been training with Tatyana for the past 7 years. For two years previous to that, I had been searching all disciplines of medicine that had to do with trying to relieve my lower back pain which was interfering with my life. I was in my early 60's and was afraid that my active life style had come to an end. At the urging of my son, who is a medical doctor and who told me that the best way to alleviate my back pain would be to strengthen my muscles by working out with a personal trainer, I found Tatyana!! After training with her for just a few sessions, it was like a miracle, my back pain subsided and I began to feel like a new person. My spirits were lifted. Tatyana is more than just a personal trainer. Working out with her, believe it or not, is fun!! She is extremely entertaining as she takes me through difficult maneuvers, and she intuitively knows just how far I can be pushed. Working out with Tatyana is never too tedious or boring. She is blessed with the ability to make me work hard without feeling stressed. After each session with Tatyana my body feels better and my day appears brighter.

Tatyana also teaches a yoga class where I am enrolled. Her teaching style is just as impressive and varying as her training sessions. Once again, in this discipline, she is a huge success and attracts a loyal student body.

~Charlotte Rosenberg, client since 2000




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